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Welcome to the UK Accelerated Possession Service, a 'one-stop' national resource dedicated to helping landlords evict tenants quickly, cheaply and effectively.

We assist UK landlords evict tenants at the end of a fixed term tenancy using the accelerated possession procedure.

Our accelerated possession service is fast, discreet and cost-effective.

We act for landlord clients all over the UK and undertake work for professionals such as accountants and lawyers on behalf of their landlord clients.

If the tenancy agreement has expired and your tenant refuses to vacate, we will do all the legal work necessary to enable you to obtain an accelerated possession order using the accelerated possession procedure and to get vacant possession of your property as quickly, cheaply and effectively as possible.

We are regularly instructed by managing agents to carry out urgent accelerated possession applications. Often managing agents provide instructions to us on a 'batch' basis for a number of tenanted properties at the same time where accelerated possession orders are required to secure prompt vacant possession. We can streamline and customise the method of instruction for accelerated possession claims depending on what works best for you. We understand that voids are costly and we work closely with managing agents to ensure that both they and property owners that that they represent are able to benefit from accelerated possession procedures that are now available.

Call us at any time on 020 7842 8000 to discuss your requirements.

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