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What does it cost?

Our Costs for drafting and serving the Court Application  £1000 plus VAT

Our Costs for drafting and serving the Section 21 Notice  £200 plus VAT

Court Fee for Accelerated Possession Order  £355

Court Fee for instructing bailiffs  £121

Our costs include drafting the accelerated possession application to Court and collating the necessary paperwork in order to ensure the Judge will grant the accelerated possession order based solely on paperwork.

You can also instruct us to draft and serve a Section 21 Notice on your tenant(s) for an additional fee of £80 plus VAT.

If a Process Server is used to effect personal service on the tenant and provide an affidavit of service for Court use the cost is typically less than £95 although costs depend on where the property is based.

We will ask you to make a payment on instructions together with an amount to cover necessary disbursements.

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