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What is an accelerated possession claim?

The accelerated possession procedure is an inexpensive, fast-track method for landlords to gain accelerated possession of their property without the need for a court hearing. Getting an accelerated possession order is usually very quick and cost-effective as long as the correct procedure is followed.

First, a Section 21 Notice in the correct form needs to be served on the Tenant behalf of the Landlord giving the appropriate notice (at least 2 months) and then the accelerated possession procedure can be started and the application to the Court can be made. It is a criminal offence for a landlord to evict a tenant in the UK without a Court Order. The normal procedure to evict tenants involves a lengthy and costly application to the Court for a possession order. In contrast, the accelerated possession procedure enables landlords to bypass the Court hearing and, assuming the paperwork is correct, it is usually possible to obtain an Accelerated Possession Order demanding that the tenant vacate the property within a period set by the Court which is usually 14 days.

If the tenant fails to vacate the property within the period specified by the Accelerated Possession Order, you can apply to the Court for a warrant for bailiffs to evict the tenant on your behalf. All you need to do is to instruct us and we will do the rest, including completion of all necessary legal forms and legal documents, drafting and serving the required Section 21 Notice, correspondence with the Court, service of all papers and everything else involved in the seeking accelerated possession under the accelerated possession procedure.

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